Thursday, December 31, 2009

Up coming event ! (ADEC)

The up-coming event .
I`ll setup a mobile or portable station for this event.
and the "Story's" below. Hope you can join us .
or click HERE for the original post.

Majlis Perasmian Pasukan Radio Amatur Bencana dan Komunikasi Kecemasan (ADEC BSMM CNJ)

Dengan segala hormatnya, semua warga ham adalah dipersilakan untuk menghadiri ke Majlis Perasmian Penubuhan;


Ianya akan dirasmikan oleh YB Tuan Haji Md Jais bin Haji Sarday (Pengerusi Bulan Sabit Merah Malaysia Negeri Johor) pada;-

Tarikh : 03 Januari 2010 (Ahad)
Masa : 0900hrs - 1600hrs
Tempat : Ibu Pejabat BSMM Cawangan Negeri Johor
No 30, Jalan Bacang, Tampoi (Sebelah Balai Polis Tampoi) Johor Bahru.
Log/Lat : N E


0900hrs - Pendaftaran Keahlian/kehadiran
0945hrs - Ketibaan YB Tuan Haji Md Jais bin Haji Sarday
Pengerusi BSMM Cawangan Negeri Johor
1000hrs - Bacaan Doa
1015hrs - Ucapan Aluan oleh Encik Tahir bin Ahmad, Pengarah BSMM Cawangan Negeri Johor
1030hrs - Ucapan oleh Ketua ADEC Negeri Johor
10:45hrs - Ucapan Perasmian Sempena Penubuhan
Pasukan Radio Amatur Bencana dan Komunikasi Kecemasan
BSMM Cawangan Negeri Johor oleh;
YB Tuan Haji Md Jais bin Haji Sarday
Pengerusi BSMM Cawangan Negeri Johor
1115hrs - Penyampaian Kad Keahlian Pasukan
1200hrs - Sidang Akhbar/Jamuan

Pengarah SKMM Cawangan Negeri Johor
Pengarah JKM Negeri Johor
1600hrs - Pameran Gerai Radio Amatur & Bersurai

Semua dijemput hadir dan marilah bersama menjayakannya.

Sebarang pertanyaan lanjut, sila hubungi atau
En Kaman Othman 012-7395925
Encik Azam (9W2ZXZ) 019-7666676
dan wakil-wakil Astra Johor di seluruh daerah negeri Johor.

Friday, December 18, 2009

2 elements 20 meter yagi for 9W2KRZ

This is the first part , The element holder ,using stainless steel plate.
The most difficult part of this antenna.

second part is cut the length of the aluminum tube.

Do you notice that the boom has join with 4 screw ?
Actually this ant. is for portable use.
so I need to cut the length to 1.5meter.
total length is 2.5meter when the boom has joined.

Telescopic type elements.
for easy setup and tune.

Everything has done and wait for test.
stay tune......Hi Hi !

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Test Result of my homebrew Dipole Tribander antenna.

Tested on 40m, 20m and 10m. (100w without tuner)
this antenna is optimum for 40m and 20m band.
satisfactory on 10m band.
For better result if use antenna tuner !! hi hi ...

My new antenna (Dipole tribander)

The total length of this Dipole is 17 meter.
This is very suitable and easier for potable station setup.

Total of 4 ceramic capacitor (16pf)

Use copper screw for connection
and 0 class PVC pipe for more light weight .

The Ugly 1 to 1 Balun and matching coil .

Friday, November 20, 2009

7 elements LFA Yagi for 144MHz

I have done 4 sets last night .
and ready for tune the match.

This is my new antenna project for 2 meter. thanks to G0KSC.
and this is still under construction.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

GlobalSET 2009/2 Freq & Stations

GlobalSET 2009
For more Information and photo , please visit JASRA and 9M2ZAK blog.

Setting up 2 elements 20 meter antenna for 9M2ODY

Everything is ready.

After I reached his house ,the first thing I have to do is take back my 3 elements 10meter yagi antenna. Click to see what I am doing on top of the roof !

The 4 elements 10meter yagi .

Assembled the 2 elements 20meter yagi before installation.

Bring down the pole and do some adjustment.

Tighten up the Boom to the pole.

Have a POSE with 9M2ODY , before we pull the guide wire.

Having a POSE again after everything was done ..haha...

Nice look !! huh ??

Solder up the PL259 socket.

Ready to connect ......
Hey!! ODY,where is my RIBENA ?
you better give me or I won`t let you .........hehehe...

On the second days , he QSO with A68 & W8 station with a RST 58.
And after a few days of OSQ ,He told me that how satisfied he was !!
Anyhow , I told him "We are HAM"

Sunday, November 08, 2009

9M2GET Antenna Tower in Perlis

I have to call my mother and father to have a permission before go up ! hehe....

SO HIGH......80ft from ground !!!

Having some discuss with 9M2GET .
Full view of the Antenna tower.

More info and photo at 9M2GET and 9M2ZAK .

Monday, November 02, 2009

2 Elements 20 meter Yagi (for 9W2ZAK)

On 1/11/2009 Sunday , Two of us (me and 9W2zak) put this antenna up !!
with-in 1 hour ,every was done and ready for DXing !!

This antenna is the one I use at World JOTA 2009.
and now 9W2ZAK own it !

2 Elements 20 meter Yagi (for 9W2ODY ,under construction)

This is my 3rd 20meter homebrew antenna ,newer design ,lighter and shorter boom length,
idea for potable use . (1.7m boom length)

Monday, October 26, 2009

World JOTA

See how I bring these antenna with my 4x4 . hahaha...

This Loop Antenna for 2Meter station.

9w2zak bring his own Icom ic-718 for 20meter band .


Thanks for helping !!

20meter band antenna setup.

Finally this 2 elements 20meter has been done and use on this event, And the result of this antenna is Very Good !! All the station get 59 report !!

4elements 10meter band antenna on this events .

9W2ZAK's Yeasu FT-77 for 10meter band.

Nice post ? Huh ??
9W2BDX was teaching students .....How to QSO ?

My own Yeasu FT-897D and Daiwa CNW-419II tuner for 40meter band with G5RV Antenna .