Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shorten 20m band rotary dipole.

This is my second Trapped antenna,
total length : 5 meter ,
Matching : Hairpin match.

Tested with my analyzer to get excellent resonant and SWR.

Total weight of this antenna is 1.3 Kg
Idea for potable use.
The longest tube is not more than 40 inch.
more easy to carry or keep in boot .
Size is really matter when setup a potable station.

Using hose clip for easy setup and tune .

I will try to make it as a 2 element yagi ,
Cause I really need it for when I have event.
Stay tune ...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Event at UTM Pesta Konvo (ARC-UTM)

On this event, I bring my own rig FT897D with tuner
and Kenwood TS50 with auto tuner.
Ody bring his Proud Helix antenna
40m ,20m and 10m band.
He make a 40m net check in his WAJA
Just click HERE for more info.

Antenna setup :
G5RV Jr.
Homebrew Fishing Rod vertical antenna for 40m 30m 20m 17m 15m 10m
Homebrew 3 element 10m Yagi
Homebrew 40m Trap Dipole
Homebrew 4 element Dual band 10m 20m Yagi.
Homebrew 5+8 element Dual band V/U Yagi.
Homebrew 6m Moxon antenna.
As you can see in this photo.
How I set all these antenna UP !! Hi Hi..

In this pic , you can see a tripod with a
8m high fishing rod antenna.
it cover from 40m to 10m band without tuner.

Thanks and 73 to all the UTM-ARC members !!
Hope to see you again..

40m Trap Dipole antenna.

This is my first time making trapped dipole ,
Success after few time of trimming !! hi hi...
center freq 7.070 Mhz
VSWR : 1 : 1.2
Total weight is 3.2 Kg
It heavy , because of the center part
using 2.5mm thick stainless steel plate.
Total length of this antenna was -+9 meter.
Trap part using UPVC and PVC pipe,
with stainless steel screw

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My new antenna for 10meter band (4 element cubical quad)

This is my new antenna for 10meter band,
Boom length : 3.8 meter
forward gain : 12.5 dB
front/back ratio : >25 dB
VSWR 1.3:1 @ 28.500 Mhz
VSWR 1:1 @ 28.700 Mhz

It is a bit heavy cause by the material I use : Bamboo stick
Hi Hi...

Temporally use Diamond BU-50 Balun.
will use home brew balun later..

QSL Card

QSL CARD From China.

10meter band Helix mobile antenna (New Design)

This is my proto type 10meter band Helix Ant.
It used the theory of Dipole antenna.
Tested on RX site , Excellent RX !!
TX can be tuned with my FC-30 auto tuner.
Not exactly tuned for the band right now,
and I'll tune it with my analyzer later.
Stay tune......
The length of this Helix are same as the original 20m Helix.
The 1st one was the Original 10m ,
2nd one was my NEW Design..hihi..
3rd one was 20m band.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

This antenna has only one feeding,
and the design is from G0KSC.
Boom length : 5 meter
4 element on 10 m band
5 element on 6 m band.
I try to make it as light as possible !!
total weight is less than 10 Kg
right now this antenna is waiting for test
please wait for the result...