Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Event at UTM Pesta Konvo (ARC-UTM)

On this event, I bring my own rig FT897D with tuner
and Kenwood TS50 with auto tuner.
Ody bring his Proud Helix antenna
40m ,20m and 10m band.
He make a 40m net check in his WAJA
Just click HERE for more info.

Antenna setup :
G5RV Jr.
Homebrew Fishing Rod vertical antenna for 40m 30m 20m 17m 15m 10m
Homebrew 3 element 10m Yagi
Homebrew 40m Trap Dipole
Homebrew 4 element Dual band 10m 20m Yagi.
Homebrew 5+8 element Dual band V/U Yagi.
Homebrew 6m Moxon antenna.
As you can see in this photo.
How I set all these antenna UP !! Hi Hi..

In this pic , you can see a tripod with a
8m high fishing rod antenna.
it cover from 40m to 10m band without tuner.

Thanks and 73 to all the UTM-ARC members !!
Hope to see you again..

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