Friday, September 30, 2011

Antenna Installation (9M2RS) 4 Element Mono 20m Yagi

9M2RS Shack

Mosely TA-33 Jr Multibander yagi.

Me ,9M2AU & 9M2RS
 New HAM 4 Rotator.

Yaesu FT-950.

9M2RS ,SWL & 9W2PD with his design.
DalBeam D4E20 Mono Yagi.

Rabin and RS bring down the Mosely Jr antenna.

Project Manager 9W2PD Mr Rabin.

Friday, September 09, 2011

ILLW 2011 at Batu Pahat Bukit Segenting

 Photo taken by 9W2NKM

 Photo taken by 9W2DAL ,hi hi..

This Chart tells EVERYTHING !!

 Our DX group .
9W2BUG ,9W2LOQ, 9W2DAL, 9W2NKM, station master:9M2ZAK
 Setting up IC-718, TS-50 and FT-897.
 Our CW group ,9M2ZAK
Thanks 9M2ZAK Zaki for the 60 over contact on CW mode .
9W2LOQ Pika operator of  KEY-IN CONTACT LOG.
Thanks 9W2LOQ for your support !! 
 Our SSB group, Operated by 9W2BUG JAYA.
You can see how "HARD" he work on SSB ,Ha...
Thanks 9W2BUG Jaya for the 250 over contact on SSB.

 Antenna Setup:
DalBeam D6E3B 10m/15m/20m 6ele Tri-bander.
Full Size G5RV (Re-Optimize Version)

 A spare antenna (on the roof of my car)
2 element QUAD for 10m band.
FREE STYLE !! hahaha..
Super DX Crew .....Hi Hi...