Friday, September 30, 2011

Antenna Installation (9M2RS) 4 Element Mono 20m Yagi

9M2RS Shack

Mosely TA-33 Jr Multibander yagi.

Me ,9M2AU & 9M2RS
 New HAM 4 Rotator.

Yaesu FT-950.

9M2RS ,SWL & 9W2PD with his design.
DalBeam D4E20 Mono Yagi.

Rabin and RS bring down the Mosely Jr antenna.

Project Manager 9W2PD Mr Rabin.


Gautam said...

HiHi..nice pict...i know where its coming from...well done Dal...

nutrendmedia said...

When mounting the antenna, you need to leave a couple feet of slack due to the antenna being able to rotate a full 360 degrees. It has a stop point, it won't just keep going around.
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