Wednesday, September 16, 2009

5 elements 2 meter Yagi antenna

Fre. range
2 m band
144~145 Mhz
8.55 dB
5 elements Yagi Beam
Max power:
50 ohms
Boom: 1.5 m
Less then 1 Kg
1 : 1.2
F/Back Ratio
>20 dB
Lambda match 50 ohm

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Info of the 4 elements Yagi 10 meter band

Fre. range

10 m Low band
28.00 - 29.00 mhz


6.31 dB


4 elements Yagi Beam

Max power:



28 ohms


Boom: 3.83 m


Less then 5 Kg


1 : 1.1

F/Back Ratio

22.49 dB


Lambda match 50 ohm

4 element 10 meter Yagi for 9W2ODY

Another 4 elements 10 meter Yagi for 9W2ODY !
and every thing is ready to "GO" !!

The new look of the matching part ....nicer look :)

Yaesu G-250 antenna rotator
cost RM 6XX

Custom made base
Strong !! (mcm dah mkn Tongkat Ali, Hehehe..)

After put up the Antenna, I relies that we made a "Big mistake !!!"
Thank to 9W2JOH to let me know what is the problem and what will happen !?
Please guess yourself what have done wrong ? Answer will give after RAYA !!
Leave a comment if you know the answer !! hehehe...
Actually I`m waiting 9W2ODY to give me the QSO report ,Hope this antenna perform well !!!
There is an another guy I want to thank ,and he is the new owner of the 3 elements 10m yagi ant,
He is 9w2ZIN, and thanks for helping us ! :)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Test Result of my homebrew 10m 4ele antenna.

This H-pattern for 3Element 10meter Yagi .This H-pattern is for 4element 10meter Yagi.
The Graph.
4 Elements 10 Meter Chart.

HomeBrew 2nd Version Yagi

This is my second version of 4 ele 10 meter !
It was lighter than the first version. (less than 5 Kg)

Matching part was shielded with box.

The Making of 4 element Yagi for 10 meter band.

This 3 element 10 meter Yagi antenna that I made was belongs to 9W2ODY.
Look at his face !! the smile tell us how happy he was !! hahahaha....
9W2ODY , 9W2ZAK and me , Three of us put up this antenna .(Very Heavy!!)
This is my first version 3 elements 10 meter Yagi !

da da ...4 elements 10 meter Yagi !! (This one belongs to 9W2ZAK)

The Lambda Match (50 Ohm)

Homebrew 10 meter band 4 elements Yagi Beam antenna .

Monday, September 07, 2009