Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

QSO with 9W2DI QRP station. Great QRP station !!

For more info about QRP, Please visit 9W2DI.

Homebrew HELIX mobile antenna by 9W2DAL

My Contact info, with my C3-E antenna. (10m)

My Contact list, some of them send via EQSL,
Other than these , I hope they will send by POST !
some of them was using my OPTIBEAM 11-3,
and right now I'm using C3-E..Hi Hi...

See you down the LOG.....

Dual Band Yagi antenna 2m/70cm

This antenna already keep it in my store for long time,
It is time to "make up" Hi hi
Actually, nothing much , just add some more elements...
and eat few more pain killer for myself, haha...
Then , TA TA .. this antenna come alive ,
become a DUALBAND antenna ,
and tested 2m with my MFJ-259B
144-148 not more than 1.5 SWR,
because it is a 50Ohm feeding antenna with 1:1 balun.
but on the UHF site ,have to test with my FT897.

On UHF site, a bit narrow la ,
432-437Mhz below 1.5SWR
I think it is still ok la..hi hi...

The SO239 socket is at the back, it make more EZ
to plug in and out !!
(actually , nothing special la, haha...)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

11 ele HF tri bander DC311E3

Very HAPPY with my D11E3 tribander yagi
so far with a more than 10 contact on 10m band
with JA, HS, BG7, 9W8, ZR1 & VK station.
Finally I bring it down and put this C3-E up .

This is a Tribander yagi with 7 elements,
it is lighter than D11E3, more EZ to set this thing up,
I already have some contact on 10m band with BG7 & VR2 station,
Both station get a 59 report .
Has try RX on 15m band , A lot Europe station with s3-s8 Signal.
and I`ll try to get some 20m station later ...

Saturday, February 06, 2010

20meter and 10meter Mobile Antenna (Helix)

This antenna can be FIT anyway with a good GROUNDING
Resonance (x=0) for 10 and 20 meter band.
I rx some station when I test the 20 meter band,
station from VU, VR,VK, BG and BA
all station RX 55 !!!

Tested on my FT897 with a GOOD GROUND connected.
1:1 swr on 14.200 !!!
also tested with my MFJ-259B antenna analyzer.
Match efficiency more than 95%
The only problem to use this antenna,
" Must have a GOOD GROUNDING !!"

20 meter band Helix mobile antenna.

10 meter band Helix mobile antenna .