Saturday, February 06, 2010

20meter and 10meter Mobile Antenna (Helix)

This antenna can be FIT anyway with a good GROUNDING
Resonance (x=0) for 10 and 20 meter band.
I rx some station when I test the 20 meter band,
station from VU, VR,VK, BG and BA
all station RX 55 !!!

Tested on my FT897 with a GOOD GROUND connected.
1:1 swr on 14.200 !!!
also tested with my MFJ-259B antenna analyzer.
Match efficiency more than 95%
The only problem to use this antenna,
" Must have a GOOD GROUNDING !!"

20 meter band Helix mobile antenna.

10 meter band Helix mobile antenna .

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Anonymous said...

hmm.mantap benar antenna....