Monday, February 22, 2010

Dual Band Yagi antenna 2m/70cm

This antenna already keep it in my store for long time,
It is time to "make up" Hi hi
Actually, nothing much , just add some more elements...
and eat few more pain killer for myself, haha...
Then , TA TA .. this antenna come alive ,
become a DUALBAND antenna ,
and tested 2m with my MFJ-259B
144-148 not more than 1.5 SWR,
because it is a 50Ohm feeding antenna with 1:1 balun.
but on the UHF site ,have to test with my FT897.

On UHF site, a bit narrow la ,
432-437Mhz below 1.5SWR
I think it is still ok la..hi hi...

The SO239 socket is at the back, it make more EZ
to plug in and out !!
(actually , nothing special la, haha...)

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Anonymous said...

Please give us details about construction I want to build one.
Thank you
73 de yo4rln,
Valentin Tarala