Monday, October 26, 2009

World JOTA

See how I bring these antenna with my 4x4 . hahaha...

This Loop Antenna for 2Meter station.

9w2zak bring his own Icom ic-718 for 20meter band .


Thanks for helping !!

20meter band antenna setup.

Finally this 2 elements 20meter has been done and use on this event, And the result of this antenna is Very Good !! All the station get 59 report !!

4elements 10meter band antenna on this events .

9W2ZAK's Yeasu FT-77 for 10meter band.

Nice post ? Huh ??
9W2BDX was teaching students .....How to QSO ?

My own Yeasu FT-897D and Daiwa CNW-419II tuner for 40meter band with G5RV Antenna .

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