Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Setting up 2 elements 20 meter antenna for 9M2ODY

Everything is ready.

After I reached his house ,the first thing I have to do is take back my 3 elements 10meter yagi antenna. Click to see what I am doing on top of the roof !

The 4 elements 10meter yagi .

Assembled the 2 elements 20meter yagi before installation.

Bring down the pole and do some adjustment.

Tighten up the Boom to the pole.

Have a POSE with 9M2ODY , before we pull the guide wire.

Having a POSE again after everything was done ..haha...

Nice look !! huh ??

Solder up the PL259 socket.

Ready to connect ......
Hey!! ODY,where is my RIBENA ?
you better give me or I won`t let you .........hehehe...

On the second days , he QSO with A68 & W8 station with a RST 58.
And after a few days of OSQ ,He told me that how satisfied he was !!
Anyhow , I told him "We are HAM"

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