Monday, December 13, 2010

Port Dickson Amateur Radio Club House

Hy-Gain TH-7DX Tri-bander
Hy-Gain VB-64DX 6M Mono Yagi
Hy-Gain 14element 2M Yagi
UHF 70cm Yagi

Birthday Boy (9W2BUG) 

Japanese Magazine
Talk about Malaysian Amateur Radio story
and The Club House of PD !!
Picture tells all about ...

 The Shack 

 IC-2KL 500w Liner AMP.

 Kenwood TS-450s

 MFJ 75 Amp PSU 

 Ham-4 Digital rotator control unit .$$ 


 Big IR vertical antenna.
6M-80M band.
 Antenna that wait for the second tower 

Thanks Rabin for the drink and food for us !
hihi... (Jack Daniels) 

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